Message from the SEKIDEN

Manufacturing to create an expansive future

 SEKIDEN started business on a small scale, with a collection of neighborhood homemakers who gathered in the agricultural off season to process electric wires. Our client base expanded to include companies such as the Tokai Rika Group, and now SEKIDEN has grown to a scale of two affiliated companies and three factories in Japan, three overseas subsidiaries, and over 1,000 employees in the SEKIDEN Group.

 SEKIDEN-manufactured wire harnesses and solenoidal coils are used to connect numerous in-vehicle electrical components, and in various other ways and places. Our aim is to raise the brand recognition of SEKIDEN Wire Harnesses and SEKIDEN Coils by providing these products to customers at unbeatable prices.

 SEKIDEN’s advanced technologies and development capabilities, and integrated manufacturing system that can precisely meet customers’ quality requirements, have enabled our solenoidal coils division to secure around 70% of the global share for a major Japanese automaker. Moreover, SEKIDEN was selected for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Small and Medium Enterprise Agency’s “Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300 Program” in FY2018.

 SEKIDEN will continue to further update and improve our original technical capabilities and meet the diverse and multi-level needs of our customers, so that we can play a part in the development of the automotive and other industries.

 Under the SEKIDEN corporate motto of “Constantly dreaming and striving,” we will pursue the happiness of all employees and perpetual growth as a company, as the entire SEKIDEN Group works together to make a positive difference in the community and global environment.