Quality and Enviroments Initiatives

Quality and Environment Policies

At SEKIDEN, we are committed to accurately understanding customers’ needs and developing, producing and selling wire harnesses, solenoidal coils and related products for automobiles, electrical products and other items. Under the SEKIDEN corporate motto of “Constantly dreaming and striving,” we will pursue the happiness of all employees and perpetual growth as a company, as the entire SEKIDEN Group works together to make a positive difference in the community and global environment.

Specifically, we follow the policies listed below.

1. We strive for customer satisfaction by complying with legal and other requirements, making an effort to preserve the global environment, and providing even higher quality products and services at an appropriate cost and timely manner.

2. We aim for the mutual understanding and participation of all employees, by setting quality and environmental goals, planning, implementing, evaluating and reviewing management programs, and continually improving systems to make them more effective.